Wanna Be A Bad Boy? These 5 Underwear Will Help You Achieve That Look!

When it comes to style, everyone has their own taste. There are many different types of fashion; comfortable, athletic, trendy, professional, and so on. Some just want to have that rough and tough “bad boy” look. We can give you the Bad Boy look that you want, need and totally deserve. From pairing a pair of pants to the perfect shirt and shoe combination, to having a comfortable pair of underwear on; every detail is important when getting dressed to tackle your day.

Between briefs, trunks and boxer briefs which one suits you best? Which one gives your that air of confidence to be the badass we all know you are? We have listed our top 5 underwear to help you make your decision.

**********************************************************************************************************Fun Fact: When you purchase our 6-pack collection, you're actually paying for 5 pairs and get the 6th one free! You are so welcome!


The Sexy Sleet Boxer Briefs

Mackenzie And Park

Boxer briefs has to be one of the sexiest underwear that a man can wear. Our sleet coloured boxer brief with the black waistband accentuates all the right areas. The pale grey colour elongates the leg while making the thighs look muscular. The black, extra soft, waistband won’t roll down while you are painting the town red with your partner. Our pocket mesh pouch boxer brief are engineered to hold “the boys” in place giving the ultimate comfort in our Pima Cotton and Lycra blend.

Pick between our two styles:

Horizontal Fly Sleet Boxer Brief
Pocket Mesh Pouch Boxer Brief

Say It Loud, Say It Proud - JET BLACK BOXER BRIEFS

Mackenzie And Park

Nothing says bad boy like a gorgeous pair of jet black underwear, our horizontal fly jet black boxer briefs to be more accurate. The dark black colour gives off an alluring look that will make your partner’s eyebrows raise when you tease them with a little look over the waist line of your pants.

These boxer briefs have a horizontal fly instead of the traditional vertical slit that gives quick and convenient access without compromising comfort.

Pick between our two Jet Black Boxer Briefs:

Horizontal Fly Jet Black Boxer Briefs
Pocket Mesh Jet Black Boxer Briefs

L'Amour de la Persian Red Briefs

Mackenzie And Park

Love, seduction, hot, passion all have one thing in common. They are represented by the colour red. You will have your partners swooning over you in our 48H Go Persian Red Brief. Being a bad boy is more than just being the rough and tough type, you can also show off those manly skills by winning your partner’s heart over. Show the ultimate passion with the ultimate flexibility in our 48H Go briefs. Your partner will see legs for days with our 3 ½ inch out-seam.

48H Go Persian Red Brief

Bold & Defiant - The Cosmic Sky Trunks 

Mackenzie And Park

We are totally loving the colour of our Pocket Mesh pouch cosmic sky trunk and your partners will too! And as with all of our underwear comfort and style is our top priority. You’re inner bad boy will be let loose when you slip into our extra comfortable Pima Cotton and Lycra blend stitched together using a flat-lock technique for that smooth finish.

Pocket Mesh Pouch Cosmic Sky Trunk

Dare To Wear The Skydiver Blue Boxer Briefs 

Mackenzie And Park

Want to feel like Tom Brady after winning the Superbowl? Jump into these horizontal fly skydiver blue boxer brief. The long athletic cut and fit of our boxer briefs makes you feel like you are the ‘’G.O.A.T”. The lightweight and breathable fabric is perfect for when you want to hit the gym for a powerful workout or just want to go for a light jog. The horizontal fly gives you access when you need it most and avoids uncomfortable shifting while you work out.

Horizontal Fly Skydiver Blue Boxer Brief


Fun Fact: When you purchase our 6-pack collection, you're actually paying for 5 pairs and get the 6th one free! You are so welcome!



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