The Right Underwear Based On His Personality

Did you wake up feeling like you’re going to get that promotion you always wanted? Or are you getting ready for your big date night that you spent weeks planning? Or do you just want to yell “Surf’s up Dude!” before running into the biggest wave you’ve ever faced?

At Mackenzie and Park, All of our underwear have an optimal level of comfort without compromising style. Keep your intimate areas nestled comfortably when the day promises to throw a few curveballs or choose a style with a horizontal fly when you know you’ll need quick and easy access. Choose the right length of underwear depending on what the day has in store for you; a shorter cut trunk or brief allows for more flexibility while our longer boxer briefs are ideal when you want to feel like Tom Brady after winning a Superbowl. 

No matter your outlook on life or just a change in your day to day mood and routine, we have the underwear for every occasion, personality and character. 

The Modern, Stylish & Overly Dapper Guy

Mackenzie & Park

Your ideal style: Pocket Mesh Pouch Trunks in Blue Haven 

Dress to impress in these Blue heaven pocket mesh trunks with a cool pair of jeans or your business attire and you will be the envy of all your friends and colleagues. Avoid uncomfortable shifting and always be ready to strike a pose for that Instagram post while keeping “the boys” in place in our cozy Pocket Mesh. The blue heaven color and trendy style of these trunks will make you the most fashionable man of the year.

The Surfer Dude

Mackenzie & Park

Your ideal style: Horizontal Fly Boxer Briefs in Skydiver

Ready to hit the waves? Or just go for a swim in the Ocean or by a beach? These skydiver horizontal fly boxer briefs are just right for you. Tight fitting, the perfect length and lightweight breathable fabric make these boxer briefs perfect for any sport you’re ready to tackle. The horizontal fly is very convenient for fast access when it’s needed most with all that sporting equipment on. 

The Bold & Eccentric Buddy

Mackenzie & Park

Your ideal style: Horizontal Fly Trunks in Persian Red 

Get ready to go out there and be the outgoing and social person that we all know you are. When you look good, you feel good. You can’t go wrong in these Persian red horizontal fly trunks. The vibrant red color, the extra soft blend of Prima Cotton and Lycra and the waistband that doesn’t roll no matter how much you have to move makes these trunks perfect for when you are ready to go out there and show off your bold nature side!

The Mystery Man 

Mackenzie & Park

Your ideal style: 48h Go Briefs in Jet Black

The color black is usually a color representing mystery and shadows. Black is considered to be a sliming color, as well, but in these Jet Black Briefs all of your personal attributes are perfectly outlined. Cut with a 3 ½ inch outseam, there won’t be much mystery to solve when your partner sees you in these. Made with a blend of Prima Cotton and Lycra, and equipped with a curved front crotch these briefs are so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Perfect for daily wear and cleverly named 48H Go, these briefs are ideal when you need to Go Go Go! 

The Business In the Front Guy

Mackenzie & Park

Your ideal style: Pocket Mesh Pouch Boxer Briefs in Sleet

We make it easy to strut your stuff and give you that extra boost of confidence to tackle the world by the horns in these sleet pocket mesh boxer briefs. Keep “the boys” nestled in place, in our Pocket Mesh Pouch, while you are running to that early morning meeting or taking that VIP client out to lunch. The extra soft waistband won’t roll down while you are impressing your colleagues at that presentation you worked on all night. Nothing says “You go Champ” like the right pair of boxer briefs to tackle your day to day business.

The Lover, The Gentlemen 

Mackenzie & Park

Your ideal style: Pocket Mesh Pouch Trunks in Potent Purple

Candles, check. Flowers, check. Dinner, check. Amazing pair of trunks on, check. Woo your partner with these ever so soft potent purple pocket mesh trunks. Your more intimate parts will be kept in place perfectly, in our engineered Pocket Mesh Pouch, while your wisp around your home making every detail just right for the date night you promised your partner. Keep cool, when the date goes well and the passion starts to heat up, in the lightweight, breathable fabric. Love between two people? Check!

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