Top 5 Winter Favourites To Start 2019 Off Right

The winter months are beautiful and whimsical. If he’s a hopeless romantic, he’s curled up with his love around a fireplace, dressed nothing but his undergarments. If he’s a bad boy, then he’s probably lounging, playing a video game and hoping Monday doesn’t come any time soon. Whatever his personality, Mackenzie And Park has the right winter collection for him.

Deep purples, classic silver, burgundy red and midnight blues are the heart and soul of winter fashion and trendy styles. The Mackenzie And Park red, Persian Red, may be a little bright for a cold winter, but they are extremely jolly and the perfect seasonal gift.

Pima Cotton and Lycra are known for their long fibers and, therefore, they can stand against cold climate while providing a cool layer for warmer climates, as well. These multi-functional fabrics also allow for the garment’s colour to last without fading.

The perfect New Year resolution, that can be easily kept, is to adapt to a lifestyle in fashion. This lifestyle provides comfort, style, flexibility and affordability. It’s simple and it’s easy to achieve. For the colder months, Mackenzie And Park has the perfect look to start your ensemble. Take a look at the top 5 winter favourites that everyone needs to have right now!

48h Go Briefs in Blue Haven

48h Go Briefs in Blue Haven

The 48h Go Blue Haven briefs have been THE favorite for the winter 2018-2019 collection. These gorgeous bad boys have been flying off the shelves and the world is now filled with beautiful undies!

Did you know that the reason the bright men and women at Mackenzie And Park named this collection the “48h Go?” Well, for you lucky world travelers, these fashionable piece of clothing can be air-dried in less than a few hours, making these the perfect “Go-To” underwear. Or, as we say, 48h and go!

And, well, let’s admit… the gorgeous blue haven colour is something we just can’t get over!

Horizontal Fly Trunks in Sleet

Horizontal Fly Trunks in Sleet

Get cozy with the Horizontal Fly trunks in sleet. They are the perfect trunks for a lazy Sunday or to curl up with your boo. The trunks are long enough against the mid-thigh that wearing pants is, ultimately, optional. The sleet cover is the perfect holiday shimmer, on a cold winter’s night.

Above all, the horizontal fly make relaxing that much easier. It’s soft pouch keeps your Johnston in place, without a windy flap opening and exposing you to cold air. In fact, let’s forget about the entire vertical fly for that matter, and think about the future. The horizontal fly has a slit at the top, giving you the perfect secret peephole.

Pocket Mesh Pouch Boxer Briefs in Potent Purple

Pocket Mesh Pouch Boxer Briefs in Potent Purple

Potent purple is the most seasonal colour our collection has to offer. It’s deep rich color is the epitome of all that is whimsical and magical. It is what dreams are made of for your most intimate areas.

The Mackenzie And Park Pocket Mesh Pouch was created with minimalistic design, keeping in mind what’s really important for men’s underwear and functionality. The pouch is made from a gentle mesh with a flatlock stitching. This stitching allows for the pouch to be seamless and won’t irritate your most intimate area. Above all, the boxer briefs reach right above the knee, giving the perfect underwear to sleep in or to wear under dress pants. Hugging your thighs, the Mackenzie And Park boxer briefs will hide those ugly underwear lines (yes, men have them too.)

Horizontal Fly Trunks in Persian Red

Horizontal Fly Trunks in Persian Red

While this pair may be a little flashy in colour, they are the perfect undergarment to celebrate the holiday season. It’s no coincidence these are also the color of love, making them the perfect addition to the most romantic date night, Valentine’s Day! So put on your trunks, quite literally, and a dapper pair of slacks and enjoy a night on the town!

Pima Cotton and Lycra offer the silkiest material without a silk price tag. They are soft to the touch, smooth against the legs and sensitive areas, with a waistband that holds like no other. The perfect ending for the most wonderful pair of underwear to ever touch your hips.

Pocket Mesh Boxer Briefs in Jet Black

Pocket Mesh Boxer Briefs in Jet Black

Last, but certainly not least, the very sharp and classic: Jet Black. This forever trending shade is a staple in every wardrobe and closet. It’s the color that entrepreneurs, professionals, athletes, videogamers, and everyone in between will wear. In fact, according to studies, men have more black underwear than black t-shirts, and that says a lot.

While black may be the iconic look, the boxer briefs are also the showstopper of any pair. They elongate the body, define the booty muscles and make any man look like a total stud.

Did you get your pair yet?


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