New Year: New Underwear. Top 10 Reasons Why M&P Is Right For You

Looking for the right pair of underwear is anything but easy. With companies promising to be the cheapest, the most comfortable, the most stylish but what do consumers actually get out of their products? They receive underwear who’s elastic waistband doesn’t survive for more than six months. They also receive an inexpensive underwear for a bulk pack, which is appealing for the price but… cheaply priced, cheaply made, let’s leave it at that.

Luckily, with the Mackenzie And Park brand, each consumer is guaranteed a price that is affordable, a product that will withhold even the hardest moment of the day. Each garment is gently inspected before being shipped to their forever homes. Finally, the consumers are comfortable, confidant and extremely dapper.

Let’s take a look at the 10 reasons why everyone should switch to the Mackenzie And Park brand. We dare you.

They’re as soft as silk

Mackenzie And Park

When shopping for a product that will be worn every single day, it’s important to know what you’re buying. It’s always an added bonus to know where it’s from, how it’s make and even how it’s shipped. Additionally, consumers want to know what kind of material it’s made from and how it will withstand the responsibilities of everyday life.

With Mackenzie And Park underwear, it’s comforting to know that what you wear under your joggers and pants will be as touch-ably soft, a material like silk without the price tag and gentle against your skin.

They stay in place and offer maximum all around comfort

Mackenzie And Park

There is one thing that all men need, regardless whether he wears briefs or boxer briefs, and that is comfort. Most underwear will be comfortable at first, but they’ll ride all the way up in no time by breakfast. For those who have a more physical job, the Mackenzie And Park underwear will hold its place at the thigh, keeping the inner thighs protected.

Here’s a tip: When you’re wearing Mackenzie And Park underwear, it’s important to understand that these are more than a simple piece of fabric, they’re designed for you by people who care. So here’s a message to those who will anxiously rip open the packaging and try them on, slow your roll! Put them on, lift everything with one hand and take the time to place your package in the Pocket Mesh Pouch or Horizontal Fly nest.

They’re super affordable

Mackenzie And Park

As a man gets older and wiser, he will understand that spending $28 on a pair of underwear is not only a bargain but also an investment. He will want to wear a pair of underwear without coming home to chaffed legs. He will want to see his money spent towards a product that he can sleep in, exercise in, live life in.

It’s also an investment in how he will feel in them. Young professionals around the world will know that one thing you absolutely need is confidence. So our minimal $28, that’s nothing for the life changing decision he is about to embark on.

The colours are classic and vibrant

Mackenzie And Park

Our demographic is split into two categories: chic and classic or bold and vibrant. For those reasons, we created colours like Jet Black, Blue Haven, Sleet and Potent Purple for those who want a touch of elegance and lust.

Then, we have our cheery friends, who are positive and outgoing, and that want a splash of colour in their everyday life. For those dapper gentlemen, we have invented the stunning Persian Red, Skydiver Blue and Cosmic Sky.

Which colour will you try?

They’re made with the highest grade of cottons: Pima Cotton and Lycra

Mackenzie And Park

We pride ourselves on our awesome material. They feel like silk, just without the price tag. Pima Cotton is a long strain form of cotton that is grown in Australia, the United States and can mostly be found in Peru. It’s fibers are long which give the cotton an extra smooth touch. In addition to the kissable material against your skin, its fibers also add a resistance towards wrinkling, fading or tearing.

Lycra is a form of fiber and is created in order to help men and women move around with comfort, without being limited to tight clothing. Lycra fibers also allow for the garment to be washed, worn, swam in and even exercised in, every single day, without causing a defect.

That’s two fabrics that can withhold the test of fit and functionality. We got you covered.

They come in 3 different styles with 2 different centrefolds

Our impressive collection of men’s underwear comes in three different styles: the Briefs are short and sweet. The Trunks are the perfect mid-thigh length fun and stylish undergarment. And lastly, the Boxer Briefs that go right above the knee and gives him support like no other.

Above the styles, they also come with two different centerfolds. We’ve created a Pocket Mesh Pouch that keeps everything in close proximity to where it belongs. And the popular favourite, the Horizontal Fly that offers double security and easy access for when he needs it most and avoid any uncomfortable shifting when he wears them.

The elastic waistband will stay in place all day long

Mackenzie And Park

If there’s one thing that we don’t want, it’s a saggy pair of underwear, that constantly falls off the hips and exposes you to the entire world. Don’t make a plumber butt the real deal in your office. Luckily, the Mackenzie And Park elastic waistbands guarantees a fit like no other. They were designed from men who had this problem, who knew what they needed to make in order to solve the daily struggle in men’s underwear.

Let’s be honest, he wouldn’t be half the man he is if he was wearing uncomfortable underwear that gave him wedgies or would completely fall off at the waist.

They’re perfect for your girl to sleep in when she stays over

Mackenzie And Park

It’s happening around the world, every moment of the day: your hot date is coming over tonight and she/he grabs your t-shirt and shorts to sleep in. Tale as old as time. Praise to the Underwear Gods, the Mackenzie And Park underwear are fit and comfortable, delicately soft and pleasurable for someone else to wear as booty shorts. And you know, you want to see him or her in your underwear.

So cuddle up, you’re in for cloud nine.

We will rock your world

Mackenzie And Park

If we haven’t sold you on our brand just yet, just read our reviews. Better yet, send us a message and we’ll show you what our brand ambassadors think! Our brand ambassadors are real people with genuine opinions. Between our comfort, our fit, our colour choices and the look, there really is no other reason not to convert to Mackenzie And Park.

Looking to become a brand ambassador in 2019? Send us a message!

We’re a family-runned business, who doesn’t love that

Mackenzie And Park

With over 45 years under our belts, our family consists of blood and experience. Our team is dedicated to making sure you are served with a phenomenal customer experience. We pride ourselves on our styles, our looks and aim to keep up with current trends.

If you want to know how we do it, let me be honest with you. We all sit around the lunch table and we brainstorm and talk it out. And we can’t forget about the food we share!


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