Briefs vs Trunks vs Boxer Briefs – Ranked By Him For Him

When it comes to underwear, it may be tricky for men to choose the right style. There are many factors that play a part when choosing if they should purchase briefs vs trunks vs boxer briefs. There are many things that need to be considered when choosing the right pair: style, comfort and functionality. For others, it may be what women want to see in the bed. 

The first pair of men’s underwear was released over 7000 years ago, when cavemen found cloth loins to be a source of luxury and richness. However, it wasn’t until the 1920’s where men would see the first pair of boxer or briefs and another thirty years until the boxer briefs would make its’ appearance.

The word “briefs” was first introduced in the 1800’s and comes from the Latin origin brevis, meaning short. It was later adopted by the French language and later by the English.

As opposed to boxers, which is a mix of briefs and boxer briefs, we bring you the trunks. The trunks have also been called a simple “boxer,” leaving the longer version as a boxer briefs. 

Last, but certainly not least, the boxer briefs. The boxer briefs are usually a common staple in every man’s wardrobe, especially those who are more athletic than others.

So which style is right for you? We surveyed men and here is what they had to say:


#1 Boxer Briefs

Mackenzie And Park

When it comes to style, HELLOOOOOO - boxer briefs are at the top of the list! Boxer briefs make you look like a grown man. They resemble basketball shorts, without reaching the knees. They are also made to make the body look longer than it is.

It is undeniable that boxer briefs are a show stopper. Let’s think about, when you’re about to end an evening with your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband, how sexy does he look in a pair of boxer briefs, let alone Mackenzie And Park boxer briefs? SAY NO MORE! Time to shop!

#2 Trunks

Mackenzie And Park

When it comes to the look of a pair of trunks, they definitely hold the winning trophy for fines. They are stunning to look at, have a gorgeous length and also provide just the right amount of flexibility.

The traditional trunk offer him the best of both worlds. They are lean shorts that allows for legs and thighs to look slimmer and muscular, giving him that extra sex appeal. This is especially relevant if he happens to be fit, as they allow others to see the large thigh muscles. (Who can forget the 90’s Mark Wahlberg who rocked them effortlessly. Ever since then, they’ve been an all-time favorite.)

# 3 Briefs 

Mackenzie And Park

Close-fitting legless underwear that are cut in a way to cover the intimate body areas, while freeing the thighs, knees and legs. Ultimately, the cut is a resemblance to a bikini bottom.

Unfortunately, according to Real Men Real Style, the briefs were voted the 3rd favourite style - of the 3 styles of underwear for men. Though they are considered to be the bottom of the barrel in terms of fashion, style and look, they do allow for a much freer movement for him. The top favourite among men were the trunks, followed by the boxer briefs, and lastly the briefs.


#1 Briefs

Mackenzie And Park

On a positive note, the briefs ranked as “Most Comfortable” among men. Comfort is not solely ranked on how soft they are or how they fit. It also factors the support they give his manhood. In fact, men have said that briefs are “the most comfortable” as it gives them more freedom to move around, the flexibility to do whatever they need to do in their daily lives.

As a matter of fact, though most men consider briefs to be tiddy widdys, David Beckham has given them his seal of approval. He was quoted, “They’re comfortable. I think they feel great, especially when you’re playing soccer, as well.”

#2 Boxer Briefs

Mackenzie And Park

Comfort levels brought boxer briefs to 2nd place, out of three. I mean… that’s still a silver win, right? Boxer briefs don’t let your manhood just fall over the place the way standard boxers do. However, if you did go for a jog, you would definitely feel a difference between trunks, briefs and boxer briefs.

Thanks to Mackenzie And Park, you no longer have to decide between comfort and exercise. Our Supima Cotton and Lycra blend allows for this material to hug your thighs, keep your men in lin, without shifting or wedgies or chafing. So, while standard boxer briefs may make you feel slightly uncomfortable, the Mackenzie And Park boxer briefs will make you feel like a winner! #Winning

#3 Trunks 

Mackenzie And Park

Comfort is especially important when we’re discussing which style and brand he should  be choosing. Unfortunately, trunks came in third place when discussing comfort. However, when it comes to comfort, that is one of the biggest priorities any underwear brand should be upholding.

Boxers (also known as trunks) were ranked third for comfort levels, as they didn’t offer much support. Actually, let’s rephrase this: it’s a tricky one. Men either found that they hated it for lack of support or truly fell in love with them as they felt like they were wearing nothing, especially when lying down or sitting, as it would fold perfectly in their thigh creases with bunching.

Luckily, Mackenzie And Park heard the cries of uncomfortable men, saw men walking around to try to remove their mega wedgies or would stand up and fix their elastic waistband to sit comfortably on their hips. Thanks to Mackenzie And Park, they created a pair of underwear that holds onto the hips, covers the inner thighs so they don’t chafe and are extremely soft. Though it may be possible to forget you’re wearing any at all, we guarantee our trunks would be at the top of the list in terms of comfort!


#1 Boxer Briefs

Mackenzie And Park

We’re on a winning streak here, ladies and gents. Boxer briefs were found to be #1 for functionality as well. Who doesn’t love a great pair of boxer briefs?! Boxer briefs are made to cover the inner thigh and make it to be the perfect underwear for athletes or those with a really physically demanding job.

As a matter of fact, Justin Timberlake reportedly tried on a pair of briefs, trunks and boxer briefs before deciding that boxer briefs were for. He was quoted saying he likes “the way they hold everything together,” which is important because he dances all day long.

#2 Briefs 

Mackenzie And Park

When it comes to the meaning of functionality, this means how well the underwear hide the gift inside and how they support it. If your current brand fails you by releasing the secret of your package, or doesn’t keep you firmly supported into place, then it’s time for them to be DITCHED.

According to Real Men Real Style, briefs ranked 2nd out of 3rd place in functionality.  It lost against the boxer briefs but won against the trunks. When it comes to shielding your area from being visible against your pants, the briefs excellent in it. However, when purchasing a briefs without knowing what size you should be wearing comfortably, this can cause a severe wardrobe malfunction. A pair of something very important can slip out, causing a very embarrassing “oops!”

#3 Trunks 

Mackenzie And Park

Lastly, briefs also expose the inner thigh which can cause an extreme amount of chafing. Which is like a carpet burn but ten times worse!

The functionality of trunks also came in third, however we have to make sure everyone knows that these were for the generic brands. Trunks or boxers lost in functionality when it came to the way it “skirts” at the bottom of each thigh.

This major complaint allowed us to analyze what was really going on in men’s underwear and adapt our styles in order for men to feel like their best self, in their best underwears, regardless if it’s 8am or 11pm! At Mackenzie And Park, we use the highest grade of spandex - Lycra - in order for each pair of our underwears to hold their forms from the moment they are put on until they are removed. In fact, we even had some men test wearing the same pair the following morning - JUST TO SEE IF IT HOLDS - and they did! Don’t worry, they were washed right after!

End result (And how do the ladies love them?)

Mackenzie And Park

Well, it’s no surprise that women love a man in underwear, regardless of what they wear. However, the ladies do have a preference when it comes to men’s underwear. The ladies have spoken and the results are in: Women love the boxer briefs! And they didn’t win by the skin of their teeth, we’re talking major landslide winning! Boxer briefs are what makes women gush and fall head over heels for. As long as he is packing some confidence, there is not doubt which way this evening will turn out.  

Our women voters ruled that boxers were their second preference, as they have a little “bad boy” and edgy look to them. They add some additional weight to the lower body, which seem to be a preferred choice among women.

And, lastly, women ruled the briefs were just not working for them. In fact, they considered briefs to be a constant reminder of something their little brother or father would wear. Unless they’re on a billboard ad, women aren’t interested in the briefs.


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