Why The 48h Go Underwear Are The Best To Travel With

Your flight and hotel room are booked, your bags are packed and you’re ready to jet. Whether for business or for pleasure one thing that is undeniable; the right attire is a must. From business meetings to that dream beach vacation, to backpacking in the jungle, a full suitcase or just a carry-on packed with some “unmentionables” are necessary. Well, we at Mackenzie and Park want to make your unmentionables mentionable and we want to make sure you pack the right pair for all your traveling needs.

48h Go Jet Black Briefs

Mackenzie & Park

The 48H Go Briefs are perfect for all the different reasons you might be travelling. Made from our long lasting blend of Lycra and Supima cotton, these super soft and lightweight briefs are so comfortable you’ll forget you’re even wearing them! Get extra leg flexibility with our 3 ½ inch out seam cut. With this higher cut, you won’t have that uncomfortable feeling other briefs, boxers or trunks will give you when the longer cut fabric rides up your thigh area. Above all, the briefs allows any unnecessary pulling and tugging to keep the leg openings in the proper place. 

48h Go Skydiver Blue Briefs

Mackenzie & Park

Available in Sleet, Blue Haven, Jet Black, Persian Red and Skydiver Blue; you will surely be able to find a colour that best suits your day-to-day outfit or mood. No matter which color you choose to wear, they are all equipped with our ultra-soft waistband that hugs your hips perfectly and won’t roll down. Choose sleet and jet black for a more classic look; Persian red will surely bring out the lover in you; Skydiver blue will make you want to say “COWABUNGA”; and our blue haven’s deep blue color will bring out some royalty feelings.

48h Go Blue Haven Briefs

Mackenzie & Park

Our 48H Go Briefs are engineered with fit and comfort in mind. They are equipped with a curved front crotch. We’ve stitched them where stitches belong, a flatlock seam stitch yet a seamless label in the back so there is no itchy label rubbing on your lower back.  

48h Go Persian Red Briefs

Mackenzie & Park

You won’t regret choosing to pack these 48H Go briefs for all your important business meetings or travel adventures, and don’t forget their perfect for day to day wear too!

48h Go Sleet Briefs

Mackenzie & Park

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