Six Reasons Why We Use Supima Cotton

Soft and pleasurable, Supima Cotton (Supreme Pima Cotton) is grown by using the highest quality and durability globally in cottons. Originating from Arizona New Mexico, Texas and even California, this 100% Suprima quality cotton can only be found in dry areas of the United States, using nothing but the finest technologies to create pure American soil.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the first recorded denim coveralls from the Gold Rush were made of Pima cotton.

The biggest question is “Why should I use Supima Cotton?”  There are key major factors as to why one should choose Supima. For one, Supima is 45-percent stronger than regular cotton.  Learn more below.

Supima Cotton Is Authentic Quality

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Pima cotton fibers are half an inch thicker than regular cotton, the production and name “Supima Cotton” has also been trademarked. These materials are always known to be 100% pure.

In comparison to Egyptian Cotton, the only difference is the origins of the cotton.

Supima Cotton is the softest

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Supima Cotton is known as the cashmere of all cottons, thanks to the Supima fibers that are stronger and finer yarns. The yarn length of Supima cotton ensures smoother surfaces that make for softer fabrics that are resistant to pilling.

Supima is desired durability

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What makes Supima Cotton superior from other products is its durability. It is strong as strong as regular cotton and can keep its’ shape and lustrousness. Supima is 45\5 stronger and softer which doesn’t force you to decide between comfort or durability.

When sheets gets used and washed, the fibres become to wear out over time which causes the clothing, sheets or material to tear and thin.

On the contrary, Supima attests to the denser, heavier thread-count is not necessary to the most durable and of sheet fabrics. Instead, Supima uses longer-than-regular fibres that allow for a longer yarn to be made into a fabric.

Supima Cotton has supreme colors

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Because Supima is filled with 35% more length than regular cotton, Supima yarns absorb dye more effectively and efficiently. The result is lasting color penetration that produces richer and more vibrant shades of color for the beauty that makes every day comfort a luxury. From vibrant colours to match your personality to the airiest and stunning pastels, Supima Cotton material will have the colours to suit even the more discerning of palettes.

Supima has ease of care

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Ultimately, the proof of Supima Cotton materials are far more superior qualities in the wear and tear of each use. Unlike other luxurious materials that require special and precise washing, Supima Cotton can be washed the way you launder your regular cotton fabrics.  For consistent quality and elegance, Supima premium cotton are a worthwhile purchase for years to come.

It’s breathable

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Whether you are shopping for sheets, shirts or even underwear, it is extremely important to wear highly breathable to improve quality of sleep and functionality during the day. Otherwise, wearing or using materials that cannot and will not let you breathe will cause you to feel hot and suffocated, and allows you to feel cooler and lighter day or night.

The bonus advantage of Pima cotton is that it’s a green choice and is also hypoallergenic. This will make it unlikely to cause an allergic reaction or skin irritations and will be resistant to carrying allergy-causing microbes.



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