Be A #MCM Every Day With These Top 5 Underwear

Every man longs to be someone’s #MCM (man crush Monday). However, they expect to be someone's crush every, not only on Monday’s as the trending hashtag suggests! What makes a man become someone’s man crush? Is it confident posture? Money? A gorgeous smile? Or is it raw sex appeal? We at Mackenzie and Park love to think that our underwear have a little something to do with a man sparking a flame in their partner’s eyes. Now, if only you knew which underwear to choose to light that fire. We have ranked our top five underwear for just that reason.

Nothing Says "Ooo Baby" Like Jet Black Trunks!

Mackenzie And Park

These trunks are as comfortable and convenient as they are sexy. They are equipped with a horizontal fly to allow quick access when it is needed the most. Having a horizontal pullout fly over the common vertical fly prevents that uncomfortable feeling when the more intimate areas shift out of place.

The jet black color adds an alluring and mysterious aspect that is sure to attract your partner’s eyes in the best of ways. The length and fit of the trunk makes your legs look longer and stronger when you just want to have some serious cuddle time with your partner. The combination of Pima Cotton and Lycra create a breathable, lightweight and  stretch fabric that is best for when things get a little hot while showing off your man crush skills.

Be Majestic In The Potent Purple Boxer Brief!

Mackenzie And Park

Show off those beautiful thigh muscles in our Pocket Mesh Pouch Boxer Brief. Although our trunks make your legs look longer, our boxer briefs have a shorter square cut to accentuate the “tush” and thigh area.

The deep purple color will give a royal look as you seduce your partner. The pocket mesh pouch and lightweight breathable fabric helps keep “the boys” in place while you and your other half dance the night away.

Be Lustrous In The Persian Red Trunk!

Mackenzie And Park

What better color to profess your love and become your partner’s #MCM everyday than the color of RED? You’ll look extra sexy and ready for some loving in our Horizontal Fly Persian Red Trunks.

The tagless label will avoid any itchy feeling in your lower back and the flatlock stitching creates that comfort you desire without that unflattering bumpy feeling of stitching. We’ve equipped these trunks with our horizontal fly for quick and convenient access when you need it most.

Sexy, comfortable and convenient? Need we say more?

Slay The Day Away In Blue Haven Boxer Brief

Mackenzie And Park

Comfort. Cozy mesh pouch. A heavenly blue color that just screams Ooooh La La! These all are words to describe our Mackenzie and Park Pocket mesh pouch blue heaven boxer brief.

You are bound to win your partner’s heart with these extra comfortable boxer briefs that nestle “the boys” just right all while the lightweight fabric gives you that extra flexibility when you are strutting your stuff.

The extra soft waistband is extra soft yet won’t roll down (unless you want it to *Wink wink*) Every aspect of these boxer briefs defies gravity all while being sexy, comfortable and breathable.

Take A Walk On The Wild Side In The Jet Black Briefs!

Mackenzie And Park

Being the only brief on our list of Top 5 #MCM underwear, they certainly squash the stereotype that briefs just aren’t that appealing.

Named the 48H Go Brief, they are perfect for every day wear and as the name suggests they are ready to Go! The curved front crotch, the tagless label, the flatlock stitching, and the lightweight fabric made from the perfect blend of Pima Cotton and Lycra, these briefs are so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

You will be showing off those gorgeous thighs in these 3 ½ inch out seam brief it will be impossible not to be your partner’s man crush every day of the week!

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