10 Celebs Reveal What They Wear Under There

Do you want to look like David Beckham? Do you want to underwear that gives you the right amount of support and safety like Kevin Love? Maybe you need a pair of underwear for every day like Justin Bieber?

You may not have always known what type of underwear best suited you. The majority of men had their moms put them in the tiniest briefs at a young age; then as the same men got older, the comfort level may have changed slightly. Ranging from briefs to trunks to boxer briefs (while some may even prefer going commando) each style has their own style and comfort that it can provide to the wearer.

Boxer briefs are the longer cut of the trio. Preferred by athletes, they offer protection from chaffing from workout and sports. At Mackenzie and Park our Boxer briefs are cut to  7 ½ inch inseam, which fits perfectly under basketball style shorts.

Trunks are a hybrid cut of boxer briefs and briefs. With a shorter squarer cut then boxer briefs but longer then briefs, trunks are quickly becoming a favorite cut of underwear for men. Our trunks are cut to a 4 ½ inseam which provides needed flexibility with the added support that briefs may not be able to provide.

Briefs are perfect for everyday wear. They hold everything in place without the excess leg fabric that is provided with trunks and boxer briefs. At M&P, our briefs are cut to a 3 ½ inch outseam and are so comfortable you’ll forget you’re even wearing them!

We did our research, here are the top 10 preferred underwear for these celebs! 


David Beckham Is A Trunk Kinda Guy

David Beckham smiling at the camera and posing in Burgundy trunk underwear

'Victoria loves me in long johns. I like wearing the normal, short briefs but she reckons she likes me better wearing the long johns! She makes me wear them around the house. But that's OK because they're comfortable and keep you warm.'

Why would Victoria Beckman want to cover her husband’s muscular legs? Not a clue! What we do know is that we prefer him in trunks as well. The longer cut of the boxer briefs gives the illusion of longer legs, not like the underwear model with the giant billboards really needs to look longer but again, we aren’t complaining.


Justin Bieber Wears One And Done

In a segment of carpool karaoke with host James Corden, Justin Bieber admitted that he doesn’t wear the same pair of underwear twice. Although, he has the means to wear a pair once and dispose of them after; you won’t want to get rid of your M&P underwear once you try them. Try ‘em and love ‘em guaranteed!


Ansel Elgort Goes For The Dunk In Boxer Briefs

When asked if he were only allowed to wear one piece of clothing for the rest of his life …

“It would have to be a pair of underwear.” “I could play basketball in them; I could walk around in them; I could go swimming in them. If it was allowed, I would be totally comfortable walking around the streets in underwear.” —
GQ, June 2014

The American singer and actor is not shy to disclose his preferred style of underwear or show off pictures of himself in his preferred style of underwear. In an interview with GQ, he admits that if he could wear only underwear and walk down the street he would. Honestly, we don’t see a problem with this! He’s a total hunk in his favorite tight classic boxer briefs. 


Kevin Hart Prefers A Pair With A Good Waistband 

“You know, when you put on a different pair of underwear and you put ‘em on, you go, ‘Oh man … I feel good in these. And not only do I feel good but I look good. My other one had a little droop in the butt, my waistband got a little loose after I put ‘em on. This is different. Is this how it’s supposed to be?’ What if it is? You know what, I want to feel like this every day.” — CBS News, December 2016

Look good and feel good every day in all our different styles of underwear. Our minimalistic design fits perfectly to the shape of your body and our ultra soft waistband is designed to stay in place and not roll down.


Rafael Nadal Needs Support For His Tennis Match 

“Well, I haven’t been playing in the same underwear for years! But for the moment I’m pretty happy.” — GQ, September 2016

Being ranked number 2 Tennis champion of the world, we are sure that his choice underwear plays a hand in his success (or maybe he’s just that good but let’s just go with the theory that it’s his underwear choice). Although, it has been noted by his fans that he continuously has to pull out wedgies in between serves, he seems to be happy with his choice of undergarments. Who knows, maybe he will read this and try our no shifting, twisting or riding up engineered boxer briefs!


Curtis “50 cent” Jackson Is All About Stability

“It’s good for men to be able to get something that’s a grade higher than the traditional stuff. Women can go from Victoria’s Secret to La Perla.”—InStyle, June 2016

Want to look and feel like a million bucks wearing underwear, like widely known rapper 50 Cent? It isn’t a far fetched idea, at Mackenzie and Park we pride to give you a great pair of underwear full of style and comfort for a fair price.


Carmelo Anthony Wants It All In One Place 

“I wear these when I train and play and I wear them under suits and jeans, too. I like to restrict my movement, if you know what I’m saying. You don’t want too much going on — you want everything to be right in one place and safe.” — InStyle, June 2016

It is possible to work hard and play hard while staying dry and comfortably in place. All of our styles of underwear are made from a lightweight and breathable fabric combination of Lycra and Prima cotton. Keep our boys nestles in place no matter what kind of activity you’re doing with our engineered pocket mesh pouch. And of course, look good no matter what style you choose to rock!


Kevin Love Gifts Boxers To Friends And Family (that's how much he loves them!) 

“Just put them on. It’s as simple as that. It’s funny because I gifted them to a number of people, from my dad, all the way to some of my best friends and trainers. The response is always the same: ‘these are the best things I’ve ever put on.’ -Hypebeast, February 2017

Kevin Love loves boxers. Kevin Love gifts his boxers to friends and family. Be Smart. Be like Kevin Love.  Love the underwear you wear and the underwear will love you back. You are bound to fall in love with any of our Mackenzie and Park styles. From our horizontal speedy pull out fly to our stay in place pocket mesh pouch, from trunks to boxer briefs to briefs, we will not disappoint you!


Harry Styles Goes For One Direction In Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are quickly becoming a favorite in the men’s underwear department. The One Direction singer has not only been pantsed on stage but has been caught running around backstage of a show in his tidy whities. Safe to say he is enjoys a good pair of underwear. And who doesn’t? When you buy Mackenzie and Park you, too, are choosing comfort, fit and function… underwear so comfortable you won’t mind getting pantsed for the world to see what underwear you prefer!


Ryan Lochte Lives In Speedos and Briefs (and sometimes trunks!) 

Being a 12-time Olympic swimming medalist, it’s no wonder why Ryan Lochte prefers briefs over any other cut of underwear. Pleasingly showing off his worked out core in his itsy-bitsy briefs, he is surely winning the hearts (…and eyes). With a higher cut, briefs are prefect to wear under any type of clothing comfortably.  



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